Tips to get you laid!
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 Tips to get you laid


Follow these tips and increase your prospects with the ladies.


  1. Your appearance


Here the rules are pretty much common sense.  The girls will always go for a guy who is good looking and if you are good looking then you are more likely to get laid.  However, as not everyone is genetically blessed, at the very least, be clean and presentable.  That includes smelling good.  Bad breath – either alcohol breath or smoker’s breath are big turn offs as is body odour.   Make an effort with your clothes, shoes and personal grooming.   Women pay attention to the clothes you wear and even the shoes you have on so always dress well.   Make sure that your clothes are clean, ironed and fit you well and your shoes are nice.  You want a woman to like everything about you.


  1. Your manner


Women pay close attention to your body language and your mannerisms, how you interact and talk to people.


Be yourself and not only will someone sleep with you, it will probably be someone that likes you and that you like in return.  However, if being yourself means being self-centred and bragging about your own achievements all night you will not be laid.


Tell a woman what it is about her that you like – flattery is always welcome – but keep it genuine as women can tell fake flattery a mile off.


Do not get drunk.   Don’t think that the only way you can approach women is with a few drinks under your belt.    If you approach and talk to women when you have been drinking, firstly you will  smell bad – see tip 1 above, and you will make stupid small talk, slur your words, and not speak clearly and the women will either laugh at you or look down on you – either way they will not want to sleep with you.  So if your goal is to get laid limit your alcohol consumption.


Be chilled. You want to exude an air of being open to possibilities and not to appear desperate.


Be confident.  This is all about first impressions.   If you approach women with a confident manner, in a relaxed, fun and playful mood, they will be more receptive.


Confidence is one of the things that attract women.  Confidence says a lot about a man, who he is and his potential to do well in life.    Women want to be with a man who is strong, mentally and emotionally and who can stand up and face the challenges of life.




When it comes to meeting women and potentially getting laid, it’s important to be confident and be in a good mood. One of the best ways to do that is to smile a lot.


Don’t make the mistake of putting on an act of being cool and aloof.   If anything, it will just cause you to feel insecure or feel like an outsider.


Smile and feel good about approaching and meeting women.


Keep smiling throughout the night too. Have a good time at the bar or club. When women can see that you’re happy and in a good mood, you’re much more approachable.   At the very least women will feel more comfortable to smile back at you if you make eye contact.


  1. Your approach


At bars and clubs you have the opportunity to approach and talk to lots of different women.  Most of the women have made an effort to dress up and look attractive.   Not all the women will be there for a hen’s night.  There will be women there who are looking for a man.


Walk in as if it’s your party, like it’s your sort of scene and as though you fit in perfectly.

Smile, feel good about yourself and allow others to feel good in your presence.    It helps you to get into the right sort of mood and maintain it, rather than feeling overwhelmed by the people in the club who aren’t smiling at you or welcoming you into their groups.


When you’re in a bar or club, don’t worry what others are thinking.  Know that smiling and feeling good about yourself gives you an advantage.  Women will find you more attractive and approachable because you’re confident and in a good mood.


  1. Who to approach


Focus on seeing if a girl is continuously looking around the room as if she is also looking for someone to meet.  Look for someone who looks approachable and friendly and if they are on their own you are on your way.   Women who are out at bars and clubs by themselves want to meet a man.   Picking up women is a numbers game and the more women that you approach, the greater the chance that you will seal the deal and get laid.  You may have to approach many women over the course of the evening.



  1. The process


When a girl is by herself and you approach her, talk to her as if you are good old friends.

Walk up to her, smile and introduce yourself and ask her name.  Begin talking to her and see if you have common interests so that you can share interesting stories about yourselves.   You should also establish if she has plans for later on in the evening, or if she is meeting her boyfriend/fiancé/friends.

To establish an emotional connection and some rapport, you must find a way to innocently touch her.   Easily done by touching her arm when offering to get her a drink at the bar.


Once you have already begun touching her and having an interesting conversation with her, you should make plans to get her phone number.


You need to escalate the conversation and interaction with her to establish if she is physically attracted to you, is available, and is open to going with you to either her place or your place.    Don’t be afraid to let her know that you would like to spend the night with her.


She should be sending very clear signals that she has the same goal in mind.


If she shows that she’s not that interested or shows discomfort or disinterest just move on to the next girl.


Likewise, if she is drunk don’t go any further – just get her a taxi home.


Obviously if you have only meet one or two women during that evening, your chances of getting laid are less than if you have met 10 or 20 women that night.


If you have introduced yourself to as many women as possible and it has come to the end of the night and the club/bar is closing, you might just happen to be there for one of these women who doesn’t want to go home alone and invite them home with you.


Lots of men get rejected but lots of people are also up for a one-night stand.   Act as if picking up women is a game, and that your mission is to progress to the next level with each woman.   Remember games are fun and the more fun you are having makes you more attractive.


Written by Adult Match Maker